Group Discounts

Discount Auto Groups  ╫  Employer Groups
Whalen Insurance began focusing on group sales in the early 1990s. Since then, we have been able to bring employees of some of the regionís largest and best-regarded companies the benefits of discounted insurance premiums and convenient payment plans such as payroll deduction and electronic funds transfer, as well as on-site service.  In addition, open groups, those welcome to anyone, such as AAA and Freedom Credit Union are available to our entire client base. People have enjoyed the lower costs and easy payment options to the point where group auto plans now include over 50% of our clients.
Freedom Credit Union... click here to visit their website Freedom Credit Union
The largest credit union in the area is open to anyone. Opening an account is all that is required to the advantage of significant insurance savings and the convenience of having their premiums deducted from their bank accounts. Beyond this, Freedom offers many other member benefits and preferred interest rates.
Commerce Insurance Company has been affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA) for well over a decade. Members of the countryís most popular auto club enjoy discounted insurance premiums as well as a long list of enhanced coverages such as:
bulletPremium Savings
bulletReplacement Cost Coverage
bulletIncreased limits on bail bonds, substitute transportation and loss of earnings
bulletCoverage for damage to cell phones, personal property and laptops
bulletSeat Belt/ Air Bag death benefit
bulletPet Injury Coverage
Anyone can join AAA and begin enjoying the insurance savings and extra coverages listed above, along with the other benefits of travel services, safety information and much more.
Discount Auto Groups  ╫  Employer Groups
By combining large discounts with the ultimate convenience of paying insurance premiums through payroll deduction, we have been able to offer employees of our company clients a tremendous additional benefit, including:
If you work for a company with more than 25 people, please encourage your employer to learn about how they can enhance their employee benefit package for no additional cost.