Additional Resources

We hope you find these additional resources useful:

OSHA Basics

Tough Standards Applicable to Most Breweries

Confined Spaces
  OSHA Publication 3138 Permit-Required Confined Spaces
Lockout / Tagout
  OSHA Publication 3120 Control of Hazardous Energy
Electrical Safety
Respiratory Protection Program
  Small Entity Compliance Guide for Respiratory Protection
  Respiratory Standard: Medical Evaluation Questionnaire
  Respirator Specifics: Selection, Types and Use
  Particulate Respirators
  Respirator Change Out Schedules
Hazard Communication
  OSHA 3111 Hazard Communication Guidelines for Compliance
  OSHA Publication 3084 Chemical Hazard Communication
  OSHA Publication 3151 Assessing the Need for PPE: A Guide for Small Business Employers
  Labeling for Hazard Communication
  U.S. Department of Labor Material Safety Data Sheet
  Glossary of Chemical Terms
  Chemical Compatibility Guide for Gloves
  OSHA Publication 3074 Hearing Conservation
Materials Handling & Machines
  OSHA Publication 2236 Materials Handling and Storing
  OSHA Publication 3103 Grain Handling
  OSHA Publication 3080 Hand and Power Tools
  General OSHA Machine Guarding Requirements
  OSHA Publication 3075 Controlling Electrical Hazards
  Gas Cylinder Storage and Handling
  Proper Lifting Techniques
OSHA Documents

Important Forms NOTE: Your state may have differing requirements.

  OSHA Workplace Notice
  Form 200 Injury Log
  Form 300/301 Summary of Injuries and Illnesses
  Form 101 Supplementary Record of Injury
  Form 7 Alleged Hazards Notice
Guidance Documents
  OSHA Consultation
  OSHA Inspection Practices and Policies
  OSHA Reporting Requirements
  OSHA Checklists for General Industry

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